Media Table


Designed to keep nice clean upper shelf for the important things, like your turn table and browsing LPs. Meanwhile the lower shelf keeps your stereo receiver, tape decks, and other bulky equipment out of the way, but not hidden from IR remote line-of-sight. There's 18" of clearance from the lower shelf to the floor – designed to straddle your sub-woofer or LP crates, or simply stay clean and refreshingly open.

The Red Cedar is reclaimed and triple sealed in an all-natural, child-safe polyurethane coating. The Steel frame is a durable single piece, coated in rust-resistant black matte finish.




Solid Red Cedar, Steel


Overall: 19" Deep / 54" long / 26.25" high

Top Shelf: 19" Deep / 54" long

Lower Shelf: 19" Deep / 43" long

Bottom Clearance: 18"